Hard Surface Solutions started in November 2016 with the vision to improve people’s lives.


When Hard Surface Solutions first started we began by providing solutions to clean and sanitize hard surfaces such as tile and grout fast and efficiently that actually stayed cleaner longer in-between cleanings. Being certified as hard surface specialists has really helped us take care of our clients’ needs and provide them with the right solutions over the years.

In early 2018 we furthered our education and began offering the installation of epoxy resinous coatings, and decorative polymer cement overlays. This enabled us to offer more solutions to our clients by offering repair, and resurfacing options for concrete surfaces indoors or out. These solutions proved to not only be beautiful, but they offered an extremely durable surface that requires almost zero maintenance and will last the test of time giving you piece of mind, & the ability to do more important things with your time. As we look into the future we still stand behind our original vision of improving people’s lives starting with the lives of our team members and their families, (which we couldn’t accomplish anything without them) our clients, and the communities we serve. These things are what make Hard Surface Solutions unique. We are dedicated to doing our best on every project regardless of size.


Mission & Vision of Hard Surface Solutions

If you ask our existing clients what is different about us? I believe the answer might fall into a few different categories.

Attention to detail

Willingness to go above and beyond

Excellent communication

Honest & Trustworthy

And tremendous value

At least these are what we read most in our reviews and feedback. But it’s more than that. We live and breathe our mission statement. And I think that the examples above come from the passion we have about our clients and our mission to improve our clients lives in some small way.


We improve the lives of our clients by providing healthier environments, time-saving solutions, and beautiful design options that revive a strong feeling of pride. We are hard surface specialists.

My Vision

When I created HSS the vision for the company was to create a culture that is supportive, encourages innovation & new ideas, a belief that we either fail or succeed together as a team, and believe that each day is an opportunity for us to be better than we were the day before. By taking care of our team members, our family of clients will be always getting our very best.

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