Are you being pulled in 10 different directions any given day? Are your tile floors starting to look dingy or impossible to clean?

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Hard Surface Solutions understands the demand of an active family life, and wants to make it simple for you get back the pride and joy you felt when your floors were new. We are dedicated to making the whole process easy, fast, and affordable. Dare I mention that your floors will stay cleaner longer because there will be no harmful residues left behind. Just a bright, beautiful, fresh, & clean floor ready to be enjoyed.

Hiring the right company for your tile cleaning is important! Hard Surface Solutions is certified by HSMPSA (Hard Surface Maintenance Professionals of America) as hard surface specialists & our equipment is custom made to clean hard surfaces. We believe this is important!

So important we figured we would let the NATCO (North American Tile Cleaning Organization) tell you about the benefits of hiring a true professional hard surface maintenance Co.

How Professionals Contractors Steam Clean Tile & Grout

Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning ~By Troy Cantini

There are many advantages to hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning contractor. Trying to scrub down large areas of tile and grout can take forever and be extremely tiresome. Hiring a professional to steam clean your tile and grout get your tile and grout cleaned and sanitized better than you could ever do by hand.

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Most people have no idea how a tile and grout cleaning professional steam cleans their tile and grout.  Professional tile cleaning contractors use a high pressure multi jet rotating steam cleaning tool that is hooked up to a truck mounted steam cleaning machine. These types of steam cleaning machines can effectively steam clean large areas of tile and grout in a relatively short period of time.

Another big advantage of truck mounted tile cleaning machines is the powerful vacuum system that extracts away the dirt grease and grime.  While the high pressure steam is lifting up the dirt the powerful vacuum system extracts away all the dirt and cleaning agents that were used to emulsify the dirt, grease and grim in your tile and grout.

Another advantage to hiring a professional to steam clean your tile and grout is the ability to sanitize your tiles and porous grout lines.  The pores of grout are especially susceptible to mold, bacteria and harmful pathogens. The high pressure steam can get deep into the porous grout lines to kill the mold, bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

When choosing a professional tile and grout cleaning contractor there are some things to consider before hiring them.

  • It is best to hire a contractor that specializes in cleaning tile, grout and stone.  Many carpet cleaners try to use their carpet cleaning machines to steam clean tile and grout. Carpet cleaning machines are often not powerful enough to provide the high pressure steam required for cleaning tile and grout. Also carpet cleaners often lack the skills, experience and knowledge required for cleaning, sealing and restoring tile and grout.
  • Make sure that any potential tile cleaning contractors do an estimate first before coming out to clean your tile and grout.  Every tile installation is unique and requires specific cleaning products, sealers and techniques to get the job done right.   It is only after a thorough inspection that a price can be set for cleaning and sealing your particular tile and grout.
  • Always make sure that the contractors do a tile cleaning sample while they are doing an estimate.  Most quality tile cleaning contractors will do a small test cleaning sample to get a feel for how clean they will be able to get your tile and grout. This also helps to determine if a color sealer will be beneficial for sealing your grout. Also they can correctly set your expectations for how your tile and grout will look after it has been professionally cleaned and sealed.

Check out any potential contractors in the BBB, Google, Angie’s List, Yelp etc. to view their ratings and reviews.  Asking neighbors and co-workers can also provide information about any good tile and grout cleaning contractors they might have hired. Often times contractors will provide handpicked references that are never bad and could be from their relatives, friends or other people they have not actually done work for.

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